Saturday, January 16, 2021

 Mariette Leslie Cotton, (1866-1947), American

Mariette Leslie Cotton (1866-1947) was a celebrated American artist who usually gave her name as Mrs. Leslie Cotton. A student of William Merritt Chase, Carolus-Duran, and Jean-Jacques Henner , she worked mainly in Paris but also maintained studios in London and New York. By birth and marriage she possessed a level of wealth and social prestige that, together with her artistic skill, enabled her to obtain lucrative commissions from prominent individuals. The portraits she painted were praised for their veracity, style, and fine technique. Their subjects included kings, aristocrats, celebrities, and members of wealthy families. Late in her career a critic wrote that her "popularity has a sound basis, for her portraits combine such abstract artistic qualities as effective and infinitely varied design and daringly unconventional arrangements of color, with strong characterization and a likeness that never fails to be convincing," and added, "her concern with the artistic problem never makes her obtrude her own personality or offend the sitter's susceptibilities."

"Queen Elizabeth, ca.1936, by Mariette Leslie Cotton

"Henry Keteltas", 1883, by Mariette Leslie Cotton, New York Historical Society

"Lady Mendl infirmiere pendant la guerre", ca.1918, by Mariette Leslie Cotton

"Lady Savile", by Mariette Leslie Cotton

"John Armstrong Drexel", ca.1910, by Mariette Leslie Cotton

Portrait of Brayton C, Ives", 1907, by Mariette Leslie Cotton

"Mistinguette", by Mariette Leslie Cotton

"Woman in a Fur Coat", by Mariette Leslie Cotton

"Louisa Archer Thornton", 1905, by Mariette Leslie Cotton

Mariette Leslie Cotton, ca.1910

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